Style and Abstraction in Portrait Sketching (to appear in SIGGRAPH 2013 )
Itamar Berger, Ariel Shamir, Moshe Mahler, Elizabeth Carter, Jessica Hodgins

We use a data-driven approach to study both style and abstraction in sketching of a human face portrait. We gather and analyze data from a number of artists that sketch a human face from a reference photograph. To achieve different levels of abstraction in the sketches, decreasing time limits were imposed from 4.5 minutes to 15 seconds. We analyzed the data at two levels: strokes and geometric shape. In each, we create a model that captures both the style of the different artists and the process of abstraction. These models are then used for a portrait sketch synthesis application. Starting from a novel face photograph, we can synthesize a sketch in the various artistic styles and in different levels of abstraction.

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Improving the Quality of Non-Holonomic Motion by Hybridizing C-PRM Paths
Itamar Berger, Bosmat Eldar, Gal Zohar, Barak Raveh, Dan Halperin

Sampling-based motion planners are an effective means for generating collision-free motion paths. However, the quality of these motion paths, with respect to different quality measures such as path length, clearance, smoothness or energy, is often notoriously low. This problem is accentuated in the case of non-holonomic sampling-based motion planning, in which the space of feasible motion trajectories is restricted. In this study, we combine the C-PRM algorithm by Song and Amato with our recently introduced path-hybridization approach, for creating high quality non-holonomic motion paths, with combinations of several different quality measures such as path length, smoothness or clearance, as well as the number of reverse car motions. Our implementation includes a variety of code optimizations that result in nearly real-time performance, and which we believe can be extended with further optimizations to a real-time tool for the planning of high-quality car-like motion. Journal: Computing Research Repository - CORR , vol. abs/1009.4, 2010

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