Apr 30, 2013

Writing LaTeX in Sublime

LaTeX is a language for writing and designing documents. It's kind of a CSS language for academic papers. If some of you ever need to write an academic paper (or submit a very elegant homework) , Sublime would be a great choice for a LaTeX editor. For compiling LaTeX documents in Sublime, adding syntax highlighting and other great features you'll need the LaTexTools plugin. Below is a short tutorial on how to compile your first LaTeX using Sublime:
  1. Download Sublime Text Editor and Sublime package Control by copy- paste the content in this page to Sublime console by pressing on "ctrl  + "~"  or view > control panel
  2. In Sublime press "Ctrl + Shift + P"  and write down install package > Latex tools OR download the plugin manually from https://github.com/SublimeText/LaTeXTools
  3. Download sumatraPDF , this is a free PDF viewer that will be used for viewing your PDF output and get inverse search.
  4. Download MIKTeX - this is the library that actually compile your LaTeX document
  5. Assuming that you know how to write LaTeX, whenever you want to compile your latex project just press Ctrl + B (Or Tools > Build). If you get any warning message for missing libraries - just click accept and it will download the libraries for you.

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