Jun 8, 2012

I recommend...

  • A Tool - Workflowy is awesome online single page notebook that assists me in organizing stuff. At a first glance, it looks like a simple doc file, but that's also it's power. It's so generic that you can use it for whatever you like - organizing ideas, memos, todo lists, bookmarks and more. It also has great keyboard shortcuts support. It's a great complement to the well known Trello app.
  • A Lecture - The next chapter in Human Computation by Luis von Ahn is a truly inspiring 17m talk that will open your brain on how 500 million human can corporate and build something together.
  • A Book / app - The perfect bait is a small motivational book (also available as audio book in iTunes) that was written by Bobby Chiu, one of my favorite artists (see portfolio). Whether you are a software engineer or an illustrator, if you have big dreams (and you should have), this book is highly recommended.
  • A Post - What Makes a Good Engineering Culture? by Edmond Lau (Quora Engineer). Every bullet is totally true, no matter how small / large the company is.
  • A Short Technical Preview Trailer - Siggraph 2012 is largest Computer Graphics conference in the world. If you want to see a very short preview of the most amazing CG researches, this short 3m preview video is a must.

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